Capsule Endoscopy


What is capsule endoscopy?

It is a procedure that is most frequently used for searching the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding or by simple words bleeding from the small intestine.

The purpose of Capsule Endoscopy.

Capsule endoscopy diagnoses inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease. And can be used for other purposes also, such as – monitoring gluten response, diagnose celiac diseases, and also screening for polyps, tumors, and cancers.

How is it performed?

The patient has to swallow a tiny disposable pill-sized camera embedded capsule that is later passed from the body naturally and painlessly.

While inside the digestive tract, the capsule communicates with a belt put around the waist of the patient. The camera transmits image data of the digestive tract, including the small intestine. It is an area that is not deliberately accessible with other scoping procedures, and it does not require any sedative, which in terms is far less discomforting and is more likely to have fewer potential hazards.

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