Variceal Banding


What is Variceal Banding?

Varical Banding is the medical procedure to treat esophageal varices that have chances of rupturing.

The purpose of Variceal Banding.

Esophageal varices usually develop when blood flow to the liver is blocked (which often occurs in patients with advanced liver diseases). Variceal Banding prevents blood leaking from your varices, which significantly lowers the chances of health hazards.

The polyps can be non-cancerous and keep growing until it becomes malignant. After a colonoscopy, if any polyps are detected, this procedure will be performed, and the removed tissue will be examined to see if the growths are cancerous or benign (non-cancerous).

How is it performed?

Variceal Banding includes an endoscopic procedure to place bands around the anomalous veins, which detaches the blood flow to the veins and prevents bleeding from happening.

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